What is Travazol Cream? Where to use?

Travazol cream is sold in pharmacy, is rapidly absorbed in the skin, and is the main medication, especially the treatment of fungal diseases. However, there are some bacterial infections, allergic conditions, eczema, and inflammation that are found in the skin.

It also relieves pain, inflammation, pain and itching caused by these problems in your skin. It is also the most effective medical cream in eliminating rashes in infants and adults. Approximately 1 hour after application, the skin is fully absorbed by the skin and treatment starts on the skin.

Your doctor should be advised on the advice of an absolute daily use. It is certainly possible to get effective results within 2 weeks when used regularly.

What is Travazol CreamWhat is Travazol Cream?

Travazol cream is a cream used in the treatment of severe inflammation and eczema. Travazol is sold in 15 gram tubs. Travazol contains 10 mg of isokonazole nitrate and 1 mg of diflucortolon valerate. These two effective substances are very effective against microbes and bacteria.

If you are allergic to the substance of the drug, an allergic reaction may be added next to the complaint you are going to make it good. Travazol cream, which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungal diseases, is not good for virucidal skin diseases such as herpes. It is also a bad idea to use it in diseases such as varicella and measles, which are usually seen in children. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the source of the disease.

Where is Travazol Cream Used?

Travazol is a cream with a lot of cream use area. When you are in the doctoral treatment, I usually use the taravazol cream, which is one of the first creams, I want to share with you the travazol cream use areas while trying to give you information about what the travazol cream is useful for.

Travazol Crab Cream

It is known that it is very successful and effective in rash treatment. It is absolutely necessary to take air from the region where the razor cheesecloth is spread. Some of the air in contact with the air while in hindrance prevents the excess from entering the body. It should also be avoided that the clothes that are tightly wrapped around the region it is worn are worn. Cotton clothes should be preferred because air circulation is easier. The clothes that are worn after the application with the medicine should be washed immediately after use.

Do not use alcohol-based creams in shampoo, shower gel, hair removal cream or wax that may cause irritation in rash and wound areas. Otherwise, the process of spreading the problem in the region may be increased and the process of healing may be prolonged. More severe injuries and pain can also be added. For babies, unclogged cloths, ie those that are easier to air, should be selected.

Taravazol Cream Vaginal Itch Treatment

A topic that women are worried about is the travazol cream is applied to the vagina. Very effective travazol cream is very effective in vaginal itching and fungal treatment. It is known that doctors often recommend travazol cream for vaginal treatment.

A moisture-free environment and cleanliness play a major role in the recovery of rashes, bacterial infections or fungi formed in the Travazol genital area. For this, it is necessary for hygiene to cleanse and set up in the morning – evening region with water, to change underwear regularly every day, to boil it. After cleansing, travazol cream should be used. It can also be safely used to remove the asphyxia in the area.

Travazol Cream Surfing Engine?

Travazol cream is used in the treatment of eczema, inflammation, irritation and itching in the face. In addition, Travazol cream is a great success in acne problems.

Travazol Cream Skin Stains

Travazol cream is preferred according to the condition and size of the skin spots due to the effect of renewing and nourishing the skin in the treatment of skin spots. In order to get rid of the skin spots with the Travazol cream, your doctor will need to prescribe it to you.

Travazol Cream Is Pimple Good Income?

Travazol is a cream that eliminates inflammation and inflammatory pits in a task. If you have pimples on your skin, you can get rid of this problem with travazol cream if you have acne pimples.

Is Travazol Cream Good For Foot Cushion To Foot Cucumber

Not creating a hygienic environment is essential for the proliferation of bacteria and yeast. In the use of foot mushrooms, wear of socks should be reduced and shoes providing air to the feet should be worn. Everyday feet should be washed and dried regularly. Travazol accelerates the healing process when the cream prevents the formation of foot fungus.

Use of Travazol Cream in Pregnancy

Travazol cream is absorbed and passes through various organs. It is thrown off the body by urination and defecation. So it should not be used in pregnant and sucking mothers.

travazol cream, travazol rash cream
Travazol Crab Cream

How to apply Travazol Cream

How to apply Travazol CreamBe sure to use the Travazol cream as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Unless otherwise stated, travazol cream should be applied at most 2 times a day. Overdose is very damaging to the overdose dose. You can also use travazol cream for up to 14 days. Certainly you should stop using the cream and inform your doctor at the end of this period. If Travazol cream is applied;

Travazol cream should be fed to the problematic region in very small amount and be absolutely absorbed by the skin. Teravazzol cream should be applied superficially in the same way to the vagina and crotch region. You never drive into the vagina. For Travazol cream acne, it is sufficient to apply it in small quantities without pressure and without blowing up the acne. Whether it’s a child with Travoc rheumatoid cramps or a large individual, it’s enough to wait for a while to get rid of the rash and get air.

Travazol Cream Side Effects
Even though travazol cream, which is very effective, side effects are frequently used, the patient should be followed up. When you see any side effects, you should stop using cream and meet your doctor. Side effects of Travazol cream are;

If the spread is swelling and excessive itching, difficulty in breathing, skin rash, swelling in the throat and on the lips, the medication has a side effect. You must go to a health facility before time runs out.

The use of Travazol cream has been reported to be very effective in making a positive comment on the chemistry. You should absolutely use the knowledge of your doctor for the treatment of Travazol cream. You should also carefully examine the travazol prospectus information.

Price of Travazol Kremine
When the price of Travazol cream is sold with prescription, all the pharmacies are selling the same fiyata. Price of Travaz

TRAVAZOL 15 gr cream price
Active Substance Diflukortolon Valerate + Isoquaconazole 13.47 TL
Prescription Status Prescription Sold 14.40 TL

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