Vitamins for Women

The doctors’ comments about vitamins for women justify the idea that the use of any of the vitamins is prescribed depending on the age of the girls:

In 30-35 years it is important that the skin remained elastic, had a healthy color, the nails did not crumble. In the body should be present folic acid, vitamins E, B3, B6, C.

In 40-45 years, the onset of aging begins. The ovaries responsible for the production of the youth hormone and childbearing are gradually losing their activity. At this time, vitamins C, E, B6, B12, A are especially needed.

In 50-60 years, a woman enters the menopause, when it is necessary to actively maintain health, prevent the emergence and development of diseases, which will help vitamins for women. Reviews of them suggest the mandatory use of vitamins A, E, C, D, F.

These substances are found in fruits, vegetables and other natural products. But there are specially synthesized, complexed vitamins. It is important to know which complex is suitable for a particular age of women.

Vitamins are original catalysts that accelerate or give rise to biochemical processes. Without them, man can not live. Reviews about vitamins for women suggest that these elements have an important effect on the female body in combination with trace elements.

Without minerals in combination with vitamins, it is impossible to expect a normal functioning from the body of a woman. A constant presence of them in the blood is required so that everything is normal.

The very intake of vitamins should be carried out in combination with microelements. In this case, you can achieve an ideal effect.

The passage of the period of pregnancy largely depends on what vitamins will be present in the body for women.

Experts say that at this time the main one is folic acid or vitamin B9. It is present in vegetables, greens, meat, beans. The daily required amount is 400 micrograms.

You need to start taking it several weeks before conception (when planning), as it is known that vitamin is involved in the synthesis of red blood cells, on which hemoglobin level depends, which is very important for a pregnant woman.

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