Treatment of Sinusitis in Adults

Sinusitis is an infectious disease of the paranasal sinuses. It manifests after a previous acute respiratory viral infection, bacterial infection, hypothermia, or it may be a concomitant factor in allergies.

It is necessary to stop pathological phenomena at the very beginning of the disease, otherwise it can cause the inflammatory process of the meninges (meningitis), and can also provoke diseases of the ears and eyes.

Before prescribing medicines, the patient is sampled for the contents of the nasal sinuses for bacteriological examination and for sensitivity to antibiotics.

Treatment of sinusitis is carried out by the following drugs: Amoxiclav (a combination drug consisting of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid), ceftriaxone (cephalosporin series), sumamed (antibiotic macrolide), and others.

How to treat sinusitis in adults depends on the severity of the disease. A doctor may be prescribed medication for a corticosteroid group. With sinusitis apply sprays or drops in the nose, the main component is beclomethasone. These are: Baconase, Fliksonase, Nasobek, Alzedin.

All these drugs have anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. In the general bloodstream do not fall, and, consequently, toxic effects on the body do not.

Rinsing of the nose

This procedure has another name the method of Proetz, in honor of an American doctor who came up with a nose wash by the way of moving the liquid. With the help of this technique, complete cleaning of the nasal sinuses from purulent exudate takes place, which has a positive effect on immunity, and, consequently, on human health.

Instead, use a medical syringe. It takes a medicine, slowly injected into one nasal passage, and through the other, the solution is sucked off with the contents of the plastic pear. Approximately 5 syringes will be needed.

Sometimes the doctor complicates the technique: closes one of the nostrils for a couple of seconds, and then sharply unclenches. This is done for a more complete penetration of the drug into the nasal sinuses.

Note! After the procedure, you can leave the room on the street after 30 minutes – in the warm season, and in the cold – not earlier than an hour. For a complete cure, 5 to 10 procedures are required depending on the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Important to remember! Before treating sinusitis in adults by the “cuckoo” method, it is necessary to interview the patient about the presence of chronic diseases. This technique is not used in persons who have epilepsy and frequent nosebleeds, as well as pregnant women and young children (up to 5 years old).

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