Symptoms of Menopause in Women

Each woman after 30 – 35 years begins to think about how and at what age the menopause begins and what are his symptoms. There is no exact figure that indicates the onset of menopause. The first bells can appear in both 30 years and 60.

Genetic features of the organism

Heredity plays an important role in the age at which menopause occurs. If the mother began menopausal changes in the body began at 45 years, then the daughter should expect the onset of menopause about this time.


Proper nutrition, lack of excess weight, a physically active lifestyle, an active sex life. If these conditions are met, menopause occurs much later.


The number of children born and premature surgical interruptions in pregnancy affect the timing of menopause. In women who have given birth to more than 3-4 children and do not make abortions, menopause begins at a later age.

Presence of chronic diseases

Diabetes mellitus, liver and kidney disease, diseases of the sexual and cardiovascular system, oncological diseases are approaching the time of onset of menopause. Most often, this factor is the most common in the case when the symptoms of menopause begin in women. According to statistics and reviews of many women with chronic diseases, it is for this reason that they have to face the symptoms of early menopause.
Psychological condition Frequent stress, nervous tension, emotional shocks also adversely affect the female body.

Socio-economic factor

In women who are not burdened with heavy physical labor, the climax comes much later.

Geographical factor

A large number of sunny days per year, due to the place of residence, contributes to a later cessation of menstruation.

Operative intervention

Operations on female reproductive organs, can cause an early menopause.

The exact date of onset of menopause will not tell any graduated gynecologist. However, it is important to know that even if due to inherited causes, menopause in women in the genus did not begin earlier than 55 years, the influence of bad habits, frequent abortions and unhealthy lifestyle can significantly reduce this figure to 30-35 years.

The age of 45-55 years is considered the norm for the appearance of the first symptoms of menopause in women-gynecologists. If the first symptoms of menopause occur at the age of 30 – 45 years, then it is an early menopause. The decrease in the age threshold is due to disorders occurring in the female body due to the influence of negative factors.

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