Summer tag 2019

Hi ideas for women
I’ve seen this around and wanted to participate. Here i go!

favorite fashion trend?
100% the neon trend! It makes you appear tanner no matter what your skin color is!

bikini or one piece?
Both! bikinis are great for tanning and for a day at the pool, while I think one-pieces are better for swimming in the ocean.

sunglasses or hats?
Hats. Hands down. Sunglasses look weird on my face and hats fit everyone!

I really like reading a good book on a blanket in the sun!

beach or pool?
It really depends on if I’m in the mood for sand or not. Usually, I’d pick the beach over the pool.

top 3 summer essentials?
1. sunscreen so you dont burn!
2. a cute bikini or one-piece
3. a good book to read

what do you do on a boring day?
see if any of my friends are nearby and if they wanna hang out. If not, I’ll draw or read something.

what is something you hate about summer?
all of the mosquitoes and the heat can sometimes be too much! I also burn easily so that’s definitely something I hate about summer.

one place you want to visit?
I really want to visit Los Angeles! I also really want to visit places like Paris, London, Bali and so on.

bonfire or beach?
Bonfire on the beach maybe?

In my family its almost a tradition that we sleep in a tent in our garden at least three nights ever summer!

favorite person to be with?
My friends, my sisters and just my family in general.

favorite meal?
bread on sticks made over a bonfire!

favorite snack?
A nice, cold watermelon

ice cream or sorbet?
defffffinitly ice cream

summer goals?
1. be happy 🙂
2. get a tan!
3. prepare for school
4. have fun

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