Spicing Up Your Garden Décor

Is your garden décor in need of a small or major transition?

If so, have no fear my dear – there are many items you can use to transform the average garden to the best looking one on the block! You can easily have one that all of your neighbors envy. The changes can be simple yet subtle. There is an infinite amount of trinkets that can make your yard unique if you’re willing to experiment and see what works best to compliment your unique landscape and of course the colors of the plants in your garden.

Speaking of colors:

A wind glass blown hummingbird feeder or whimsical chimes can add color and create life in your back yard. You can create a serene atmosphere with colorful butterfly stakes intricately placed around your favorite flowerbed. You can also spruce up your porch with simple hanging plants and decorative rod iron planters. And you can always bring a smile to your face by using funny garden signs, silly gnomes and clowns, and other whimsical garden decor, too.

Some of the most eye-catching decor can be hand made. So, if you are on a cheap budget have no worries! There are plenty of “how to” books and web pages that explain by specific step by step instructions how to make something unique.

Take for instance a hummingbird feeder; did you know one of these could be easily made? You can make it out of your favorite potpourri jar or closed glass canister. You can look up the directions on how to make one of these. You will not believe how simple and fun it is to make.

There are many ways to spice up your atmosphere. Whether you hand make it or decide to purchase is up to you. Your backyard should to be a relaxing escape, somewhere you go to unwind from a busy day of work. So, sit on your favorite hammock or rocking chair, and take it all in. Enjoy the sounds of nature and savor your paradise retreat. Remember, it is easy to take a garden from Drab to Fab! All it takes is a little imagination to spice up your garden décor!

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