Short Wavy Hair – What Are Your Options?

Is your hair naturally wavy? If so, you’re the envy of a lot of women. However, this quirk of nature can also be a limiting factor if you’re looking for a short wavy hair style.

What plays in your favor if you wear your hair longer can actually work against you when you decide you might want a shorter hair cut. It is that very ‘waviness’ that can restrict your apparent options for a new hairstyle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You just need to think outside the box a little by working with what you’ve got.

Too Short Is A ‘No-No’

The first bit of advice is to avoid going too short if you plan to work with your naturally wavy hair. Unless you have no aversion to the time and maintenance involved with using hair straighteners and gels, a very short hair cut is not going to be a real option for you.

Something in the shoulder-length range is best. This gives your wavy hair some room to be itself without giving you fits because you have ends sticking out in all directions on those bad hair days. A wavy bob is very fasionable. It’s also easy to work with for a variety of occasions – from everyday work wear to nights out on the town.

Going Straight

Wavy hair comes in several varieties, of course. If yours is only slightly wavy, it won’t take much work to straighten it. If you know that’s a possibility, then you might consider going with one of the more traditional short hair styles, like a classic bob or even a shag cut. It really comes down to how much time you care to invest in daily upkeep of your new style.

Mild waves are not that much harder to work with than hair that is slightly straighter. Just be sure it’s a look that will complement your face shape and things like your ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. Enlist the help of your favorite hair stylist. He or she will have your best interests at heart, since your business is probably important to him/her.

Curling Up

Finally, you might have wavy hair that tends toward an almost curly look. It’s a fine line between what people call wavy and curly, after all. More a matter of perception than anything concrete. So work with that if you want to go short!

Wavy hair that is already nearly curly only needs a bit of encouragment from a curling iron to take the plunge, right? Use that tendency to your advantage by wearing a cute short hair style with ringlet curls – or even big looping curls. Sure, it’s more work to maintain, but it will also turn a lot of heads. Nothing wrong with that kind of attention, is there?

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