Category: Short Hair Styles for Women

Short hair styles are popular for several reasons. They’re easier to maintain; the same short style can be varied for a lot of different looks; they keep you cooler during the summer. It’s no wonder shorter hair styles are being seen on more and more women these days.

There are just a few things to keep in mind if you have short hair or are planning to get a major cut soon. Follow these simple tips to avoid making a poor choice:

Don’t go too short. Be conservative with that first hair cut. You can always go shorter, but all you can do if it’s too short is wait for it to grow out.
Let your face shape dictate the style. Short hair cuts tend to focus more attention on a woman’s facial features, so getting a style that blends nicely with the overall shape of your face is the key. Be sure to get your stylist’s input on this!
Bangs can be a woman’s best friend. If you have any facial features that you want to blunt or smooth out, choose one of the short hair cuts with bangs.
Get regular trims. Short hair styles for women lose their shape faster than longer styles, so visit your stylist regularly to keep your hair looking great.