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Selena Gomez Claps Back at Haters with an Unmistakable Message at New York Fashion Week

Another stick stuffed day of New York Fashion Week, another unquestionably articulation making minute. For a night out in New York City on Tuesday, Selena Gomez picked lavish pig tail that changed a future delight minute into a pointed message.

Alongside the tight French twist that cut a straight line from the crown to the base of Gomez’s smooth tie-back, the on-screen character anchored a diamanté cut on one side of her head, decorated with one basic yet intense word, “Monstrous.” The expressive embellishment was likely an immediate reference to negative remarks condemning her physical appearance via web-based networking media—particularly, the simple word utilized by Stefano Gabbana, who utilized it to portray Gomez on his Instagram account prior this year, a move which inspired deluges of remarks from her steadfast after.

Worn hours in the wake of taking front column at the Coach 1941 show, the pop star’s unmistakeable motion was a very much coordinated update amid the tallness of New York Fashion Week—a prominent media marathon that subjects everybody from obscure models going to runway castings to Hollywood stars sitting front line to potential examination. In the event that words have the ability to hurt or mend, Gomez’s most recent look was an ace move in controlling the discussion—and a profitable update that there’s nothing more lovely than human regard and consideration.


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