Second trimester recap

Second trimester went by so fast. It included many physical and mental changes, but I really liked this trimester. Now I am already on my third and last trimester, which is crazy. But I want to go through past weeks to recap what really was going on during weeks 14-27.

Weeks 14-16

Nothing exciting happened in these weeks. I felt pretty good even though I was a little more tired than usual. At the time I thought my belly was growing but now looking back at my pics from those weeks, it really was nothing.

I had my first doctor appointment at week 14. There my doctor just went through my overall health and made a fast gynecological examination. She also checked baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound. Everything looked fine.

Weeks 17-19

These were the weeks things started to happen, slowly… My belly started growing, even though it was still very small, and I finally started to feel baby moving. It is the best feeling to feel those little baby kicks.

My symptoms in these weeks were thirst, need to pee all the time, tiredness, increased discharge (awkward) and also my sight get worse. Overall I still felt really good.

Weeks 20-23

At week 20 we had our anatomy scan. Baby looked healthy and we found out the gender of our baby. It was so exciting!

My symptoms were exactly the same as before. I only started to have some round ligament pain, but thankfully it was more so irritating than painful.

After the ultrasound we started to build our baby registry. Better start slow and steady and really figure out what we need and want.

Weeks 24-27

My belly grow so much during weeks 24-27. I used some maternity clothes, but my looser / bigger sized old non-maternity clothes still fit me. Also baby kicks were getting so strong. I felt them everyday, especially laying in bed at night. Baby was moving so much and my bf could feel the kicks too.

During the last weeks of second trimester I have been really emotional. Pregnancy has gone by so fast and it really hit me that we are going to have a baby in just 2-3 months. I also felt a little sad that I only have just this summer to enjoy my baby bump and those baby kicks. Of course I am so happy and excited to see our baby. But being pregnant has been really nice journey to me and I am sure I am going to miss it.

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