Right Diet For Your Body

Healthy Diet Rules:
Right Diet For Your Body

  • 1. Get to know your body instead of comparing it with your friends. When you know how your body works, it’s easier to give it what it needs.
  • 2. Get rid of the guilt. Eat healthy foods like fruits and veggies as everyday foods and foods like cake and chips as sometimes food.
  • 3. Focus on your food when you sit down for a meal. Eat slowly and think about how it tastes and feels. Imagine each bite filling you up. By doing this you’ll appreciate your food and how it refuels your body.
  • 4. Don’t expect to loose weight by skipping meals. Your body thinks it’s being starved, so it slows your metabolism and stores nutrients and fats it would normally burn. The best is to eat small portion of three nutritious meals and two snacks a day for an efficient metabolism.
  • 5. Eat foods with complex carbohydrates like whole grains, pasta and fruits they keep your blood sugar level normal so you stay energized, plus they provide you with healthy fiber.
  • 6. When you crave for fries or cookies treat yourself a small portion once awhile as long as you maintain the five healthy habits mentioned above.
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