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Decorating interior can be tricky, especially when it comes to the living room because it is often a central part of the home. Here are some tips and interior ideas for those who have a small living room.

1. Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are one of the best ways to make a small space look and feel more open and larger. A large statement mirror works super, but something that we see more and more also mirrors walls where many smaller mirrors can fit on the same wall.

2. Fill up the room

In a small room, it may feel scary to bring in large furniture, but it is not. A large corner sofa that hugs the walls gives you a room that makes room for many people, and that feels welcoming and cozy.

3. Color explosion

One trick to avoid thinking that the living room is small is to constantly keep your eyes moving. Bet on a lot of patterns and colors so you all the time has something new to discover.

4. Bet on lines

Try to implement geometric and linear prints. It gives a small space a sense of structure while it also adds an illusion of length and width.

5. Make the best of unsymmetrical angles

Does your living room have an oblique wall? Draw attention to the wall that is instead straight, but using, for example, a foundation wallpaper or a picture wall.

6. Never mind the bench

TV bench is a typical piece of furniture that can be found in living rooms. There, and other storage spaces around the walls, you can advantageously choose leglessly. Instead, hang them directly on the wall. Hovering, large furniture like a TV bench deceives the eye into believing that less space was used because the floor surface is free.

7. A wall of books

Why not turn a wall in the living room into a built-in bookcase. It will provide lots of storage facilities while providing luxury factor. It is also perfect if you read a lot and need more storage for your books.

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