Properly Care for The Skin

Simple rules of competent skin care will help to look good no matter what age and type of skin. Deep cleansing should be started with scrub or peeling. After it is necessary to apply a cleansing mask based on clay or other components of the narrowing pores. Complete the care of a moisturizer or vitamin mask. When using acid peels, remember that the procedure is carried out in the evening, and in the morning you should not forget about the sunscreen with SPF-protection 25. Since the use of acids makes the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light.

The use of tonic is part of the basic facial care at any age. They use it twice a day, completing the procedure for daily cleansing. Tonic closes the pores, refreshes the skin, prepares it for applying cream or serum.

Such a composition will prevent the appearance of wrinkles, smooth the first appeared. It is important that the day cream contains sunscreen filters, not below 20. Night cream can be nutritious to contain essential oils. Basic care should be supplemented with moisturizing or nutritious masks. They need to be done twice a week. Choosing a preference among the store’s products, it is worth giving to those that contain grape seed oil, aloe vera juice, chamomile extract, wheat proteins. If desired, moisturizing masks can be prepared at home.

After 30 years, wash better with soft foam. In regions where water is too hard or strongly chlorinated, it is better to wash it with filtered or standing boiled water at room temperature. Then rinse your face with cool water. For wiping it is better to use paper towels. They need to wet their face, do not rub it in any case.

Deep cleansing should be done 2 times a week. Use better peelings with fine abrasive particles, it is better to completely abandon scrubs. Preference is given to means with fruit acids, cleansing masks with clay.

To forget about the use of tonics after 30 years is by no means impossible. Means should not contain alcohol and should be intended solely for care, and not for make-up. You need to choose moisturizers, enriched with anti-age components (phytoestragens, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide).

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