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Garden decor doesn’t have to be just about rustic benches, iron wrought furniture, or old fashioned wind chimes. Oh, those items are indeed lovely, and many have been used in my garden throughout the years. But I certainly don’t limit myself to just the serious side of decoration. No, no, no! Part of the fun of this hobby is the silliness and child-like playfulness you get to a part of using funny garden decor items in the garden.

You know what I’m talking about – like the “fat lady bending over” wooden plaque.

That was a joke! That wasn’t even funny when it came out in 1983, and it’s certainly not funny in 2010…

So what are some rad, silly garden decor items you can – nay, should – use in your home garden?

1. Metal Bugs. Who among us can hold a smile when set down face to face to a two foot giant metal grasshopper in the garden? OK, I admit – that actually sounds a little scary. So now imagine that the metal grasshopper is blue and yellow and has big happy puppy dog eyes and a smile across his face. Or think of a happy little lady bug, chillin’ above ground, with metal whiskers. And let’s not forget out free Mr. Bumble Bee, flying around (in place) looking as pleased as can be around all those flowers. Metal bugs for the garden are great!

2. Pink Flamingos. This is not going to be on the top of everyones list, but, for a list of silly and fun garden decor items, I think it’s merits itself in at #2. For if a big pink flamingo in the garden is not silly, then what is, my friend?

Warning: The potential for tacky garden decor just doubled. Be wary of how you incorporate pink flamingos into the garden! You’ve been warned.

3. Tree Art. You’ve probably seen these clever buggers before and had yourself a good chuckle. I’m talking about the tree art pieces that create a face on the tree by attaching to the bark two eyes and a mouth. Or, other tree art pieces create the trick of a cartoon-like bird having gone through the tree, by attacking the legs to the back, the winds to the side, and the head on the other side of the legs. Funny stuff! These are one of my favorite decor items to get a laugh from visitors!

4. Geeky Beaks. Geeky beaks are a line of whimsical garden decor items by Exhart. Made of metal, these garden birds will delight any garden’s mood! If you’ve not seen them, it can be hard to describe, so just imagine a silly, happy, bird goofin’ off in your garden, ready to make you smile. Note that some Geeky Beaks also stand tall at an impressive 64″ inches! This is an item that you truly need to see to believe.

5. Clever Plaques and Signs. This category is a little hard to include on the list, since it refers to possibly any and all garden signs and plaques. Nevertheless, a clever slogan or saying on a sign put in the garden can be quite the crowd pleaser. One of my favorite examples is a garden sign that stands only a few inches from the ground it’s jutting out of, with a simple two announcement on in: “Grow Dammit!”

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