Ozone Therapy for The Face

In modern cosmetology, ozone therapy is the most effective, simple and natural way to improve the appearance, give the person well-groomed and healthy. The method involves administering to the patient a subcutaneous ozone gas mixture. The gas feeds oxygen to the cells and tissues, and a small vesicle remains at the injection site. It quickly resolves, and ozone continues its health-improving effect. Sometimes a physiological solution is added to enhance the result.

All this makes the skin incredibly velvety and elastic, like a baby’s. Blood supply of tissues improves and the process of self-ablation of the dermis is started. Thanks to this, cell metabolism is accelerated and cells are updated more quickly.

Ozone promotes wound healing, has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves local immunity.

Often the problem after laser skin resurfacing and chemical peelings is the formation of hypertrophic scars. The introduction of ozone injections at the site of their formation allows you to get rid of scars. They pale and soften, then dissolve completely. Sensitive dermis ceases to react by tightness and dryness to changes in temperature and washing.

Acne and skin rashes can be caused by the presence of a skin mite Demodex. Ozone has a harmful effect on it, as well as on microbes, which reduces the amount of inflammation and acne. Also, the injection will help you to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and restore the hydrolipid skin barrier.

The technique of exposure may be different depending on the desired results and the skin condition of the patient. The dermatologist determines the number of procedures and the required volume of the gas mixture, as well as its composition. Ozone therapy includes the preparatory stage, the procedure itself and the recovery period.

Before the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to hand over a number of analyzes: The biochemical analysis of blood, the general analysis of blood, the general analysis of urine. The results will help the doctor to draw conclusions about the need for treatment, the presence of contraindications and a specific method of therapy.

Ozone can be administered by intravenous or subcutaneous injections. Or externally by applying to the face of appliqu├ęs and masks.

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