Murad Abdurrahman Baltacı The 2021 Fashion Has Begun to Be Clear: Which Will Be The Most Popular Hair Trends For The Next Year?

The 2021 Fashion Has Begun to Be Clear: Which Will Be The Most Popular Hair Trends For The Next Year?

Written by Murad Abdurrahman Baltacı

  1. Natural curly.

Natural curly

If you have naturally curly hair, you are very lucky. You can already start applying the “curly girl” method, which will make your curls look more prominent and healthy. Curly hair will be very popular next year.

  1. Shiny hair.

Shiny hair

The biggest trend of the next year will undoubtedly be shining hair. If you have worn, dull hair, use intensive care masks; You can keep the bright-looking serums and sprays ready.

  1. Orange and gold tones.

Orange and gold tones

Cold, ashy shades have been in fashion for a long time. The gray hair craze continues even though it is not what it used to be. Those who are a little bored of this long-term fashion start the trend of transition to warm tones.

  1. Separating from the side.

Separating from the side

Back in the 90s and 2000s, parting the hair from the side and the haircuts cut in one direction are also coming back.

  1. Claw or latch clasps.

Claw or latch clasps

Today, when Generation Z discovered the 90s and 2000s, whatever was out of date for a while is coming back. Knobs made with latch buckles are one of them. The house bun is already trending.

  1. Short coats.

Short coats

Forget about classic haircuts. In 2021, we will see crazy models with short floors, just like the early 2000s.

  1. Clipped hair.

Clipped hair

Cropped hair, which is an exaggerated version of layered hair, is a fashion from the 80s to the present day. Shag (cropped) or mullet (as we know it as goalkeeper hair) is the general name of the haircut, which has very mixed folds and very short hair on the top, and will be very trendy.

  1. Healthy scalp.

Healthy scalp

“Is that a trend too?” don’t say In 2021, hair care brands will focus specifically on the scalp. Scalp peels, masks and tonics will be the trend for healthier, thicker hair.

  1. In and out blow-dry.

In and out blow-dry

The most fashionable hairstyle of 2021 will definitely be these blow dryers. People seem bored with bulky tongs and miss the 2000s.

  1. Black hair.

Black hair

Out of fashion for a long time, an era favorite is blue black; that is, jet black hair is expected to make a comeback.

  1. Two colored hair.

Two colored hair

This two-color hair trend, which we see very often this year, will mark the next year.

12. 20s bob model.

20s bob model

It’s not always the 90’s and the 2000’s; The short, fringe bob of the 1920s is also back. It stands out as a model that can be liked by those who cut their hair short, especially during the pandemic period.

Written by murad abdurrahman baltacı.

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