Methods and Tools for Improving Memory After 40 Years

According to statistical data, more than half of Russia’s population face forgetfulness at reaching a certain age threshold.

Undoubtedly, some people have this problem earlier, others later, but both are looking for the causes of the ailment and ways to improve memory after 40 years.

It has been scientifically proven that with the hangover syndrome, which occurs after consuming a large amount of alcohol, brain neurons die much faster. Therefore, lovers of strong drinks by the age of forty are significantly deteriorating memory.

Improve memory in people aged after 40 years can be by walking in the fresh air. This can be as simple walks in the park or forest, as walking with a dog or jogging.

The benefit of walking is that the body is saturated with oxygen. This circumstance is very important for residents of megacities or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

With the way of life that every second inhabitant of a large city leads, it is impossible to include long walks in the schedule of the day. And because of this, the human body is deficient in oxygen.

To this state was not, you need to spend at least three hours a day walking. After all, they need oxygen for the proper operation of brain neurons.

American scientists conducted a study in which two groups of people participated. One group was engaged in gymnastics in the hall, and another walked for 45 minutes 3 times a week. Methods and tools for improving memory after 40 years. Food, drugs for the brain

A year later, scientists examined people and came to the conclusion that the gymnasts had a brain volume that fell by 1.5%, and walkers increased by 2% in areas that are responsible for memory and planning.

Indicators intensified when walks were combined with oral account, logical thinking (problem solving), reading and memory training.

This experiment showed that prolonged exposure to fresh air helps rejuvenate neurons.

It is important to know! Walking in the fresh air helps not only to improve memory after 40 years, but also get rid of other problems with well-being. From such as fatigue, drowsiness, irritability.

The ventilation of the lungs is increasing. Improves the digestive and cardiovascular system.

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