How to Use a Face Brush?

Hello, dear guests of my blog. Today we will talk about what a face brush is, who needs it and can it harm the skin. A large assortment of gadgets, questions about how to use and which one better, inspired me to this article. I will analyze the most popular models, their advantages and disadvantages. And what better to buy for home use.

Youth, beauty and well-being of the skin are the result of the correct daily care of one’s appearance. The use of a face brush in the process of skin cleansing solves many questions and helps.

Thanks to the use of such a device, our skin gets protection from early aging, wrinkles, black dots and comedones.

The procedure does not require experience and professionalism. You can do everything yourself, at home!

Cosmetologists have been using brushes for more than 16 years. This tool exfoliates the skin, adds to it smoothness, velvety. Today, this apparatus is equipped with different nozzles with bristles, sponge foam sponge. Its head rotates and/or vibrates.

Regular use improves the appearance of the skin, makes the tone of the face even, activates the process of oxygen exchange. Accelerates the lymph flow, inflammations go away and the sebaceous glands are cleansed. As a result, the process of absorbing useful cosmetics becomes more effective.

Circling massage movements clean the surface (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead). For daily maintenance, 1 minute is enough. Work on the chin and forehead for 20 seconds, on each cheek, give no more than 10 seconds.

If the skin is oily or prone to fat, you can use brushes for daily cleansing procedures. For sensitive skin or prone to dryness, use this tool 1-2 times a week

After use, dead skin scales remain on the brush. And this is an excellent environment for reproduction of various pathogens of infectious processes. Therefore, after use, wash the brush with soap and water and treat with alcohol-containing liquid. Better to hedge than get irritated.

Tell your friends about how to choose the right brush. Share this article and you will be thanked for this. And tell the girls about which models of these gadgets are, what they differ from. Let them not waste time, but read this article. I wish you to be beautiful and irresistible at any age!

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