How to Be Romantic With Food

How to Be Romantic With Food: Have a plate engraved with a message for the one you love without them knowing about it. When you take them out to dinner, ask the waiter to serve their meal on that plate.

Wrap up a small gift for your sweetheart and put it in his/her favorite box of cereal.

Call a restaurant where your love lives and have them deliver a nice meal to him/her.

Surprise your sweetheart one day when he/she expects you to be at work with a picnic lunch at a local park.

Make your love breakfast in bed and serve it with a rose, a love poem and a sweet kiss. You can make it extra special by feeding it to him/her.

Cook dinner in your fireplace. Eat and enjoy the evening in front of it with no distractions other than a sweet romantic music playing in the background.

Make some heart shaped sugar cookies and decorate them. Then leave them on your sweethart’s passenger seat in their car, so they go to work knowing how much they are loved.

Go to the beach and bring a blanket and a radio. Sit on the blanket while feeding each other chocolates or fruits, with some soft music playing. Then tell your mate how you feel about them, while holding hands and walking in the sand.

Make love dishes which are designed to romantically inspire your partner. They symbolize love and have an aphrodisiac effect

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