How Does The Matting Cream Work?

Prevent the greasy shine of the face during the day simply. To do this, it is enough to use matting day or foundation cream.

The principle of the matting cream is based on the absorption of sebum and a decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands. Included in the micro powder particles, corn starch or microfibers, other sorbents absorb excess sebum, preventing gloss. The active composition of the agent acts on the glands, restoring their activity. With the constant use of creams with natural, safe formulas, the production of sebum decreases.

Many manufacturers add to the formula of matting creams antibacterial ingredients, drying additives, moisturizing complexes. Products with such a universal composition provide comprehensive care for the skin, replacing a full-fledged care.

Light matting fluids and gels are suitable for summer, thanks to good moisturizing qualities, the skin does not dry out and remains fresh for 24 hours. Often they contain sunscreens that prevent burning and photoaging of the epidermis.

In adolescence, with skin problems. The increased activity of the sebaceous glands, caused by hormonal changes, significantly worsens the condition of the skin. Matting cream will have a therapeutic effect, reduce the activity of sebum production. In case of fat/combination skin. In the spring-summer period, it is better to use light moisturizing matting products. In the cold preferences should be given to creams with protective functions.

Most cosmeticians believe that it is better to use multifunctional matting creams, with a natural, safe composition. It is important that the remedy does not contain comedogenic substances, silicones, parabens that will only worsen the skin condition. Experts recommend choosing from pharmacy brands of cosmetics, which will also have a therapeutic effect (Bioderma, Vichy, and others).

Consumers note improvement in skin condition and long-lasting matting effect of natural-colored creams (Andalou Naturals, Speick, and others) or medium-class brands (Clinique, Clarins, and others). They tend to moisturize, normalize the hydrolipid balance, ensure the dullness of the skin.

To tonal matting means for cosmetologists ambiguous attitude. Creams often contain silicones that dehydrate the skin and thin out the lipid barrier, which significantly worsens the appearance of the face. To ensure that the foundation does not disappoint, you need to carefully study its composition.

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