Hidayet Kadiroğlu Short Black Hair Styles

Hidayet kadiroğlu: Short black hair styles can be feminine, low maintenance, and extremely versatile! The key is to start with a cut that will give you the ability to create several hair styles. The best short black hair styles come from planning ahead of time and asking for specific things from your hair stylist.

A great model for short black hair styles is Rihanna. She has the ease and comfort of a super short cut on the sides and in back. On the top, her stylist has left quite a bit of length for a short cut. Consider it the female version of a faux-hawk. It’s a brilliant cut that allows so much flexibility and femininity!

As you can see, there are several styles to be had from this one short hair cut.

Rihanna hidayet kadiroğlu

Rihanna hidayet kadiroğlu

Be sure to ask your stylist to leave plenty of length on top. This will allow you to pull down the front in sexy, side-swept bangs that just enter your eyeline. You’ll also want to be able to pull down hair from the sides and back when you want fuller styles. Leaving enough length on top will also ensure that your styles will never lack volume. Look at the height Rihanna gets in some of her styles from the length on top.

The best part of this cut is the very low maintenance required for the sides and back of her hair. Imagine not having to contort your arms and line up mirrors to get the back of your hair just perfect! Have no time? The extremely short sides and back look great under a hat or scarf!

Gone are the days when short black hair styles looked manly or were too high-maintenance. Talk to your stylist today about how you can get a cut that will give you similar styling ability!

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