Gift ideas for women

Gift ideas for women‘s day celebration in office

In a team where the number of “ladies” significantly exceeds the number of “gentlemen”, it is worth using five simple techniques to congratulate colleagues.

1. Assign roles

Congratulating a little, and women who crave attention on a special day, a lot. Share the responsibilities at the holiday tea party:

  1. One makes a celebratory speech.
  2. The second plays the role of “bartender” helps at the table with drinks.
  3. The third offers the services of a photographer.
  4. The fourth can keep order in a timely manner picking up the wrappers, cups, deflated balloons, and spread the petals.
  5. Women will feel not as mistresses, as usual, and Queens of a holiday.

Teamwork will help small forces to make happy numerous heroes of the occasion!

2. Prefer quality to quantity

A few men in a largely female team are unlikely to “pull” financially a good gift for each employee. To give useless souvenirs, not of the best quality and to spend for their delivery all day in the bypass of numerous colleagues, not the best prospect.

Buy one really worthwhile gift to the whole team: a full-length mirror, a toaster or a new coffee maker in the corporate kitchen.

You can present for each Department or office a beautiful large vase for flowers (often on the birthday of the birthday girl running around the office in search of a suitable container for a bouquet). Accompany the presentation of vases wish that they were never empty without flowers from fans of beauty employees, and you are guaranteed to melt women’s hearts.

3. Music is eternal

Even the simplest tea party for the team will be transformed if it is accompanied by the sounds of live music. Invite a musician to the office for a couple of hours. Favorite melodies will create a unique romantic atmosphere in the office, and a modest feast will turn into a real holiday.

4. Spring is coming

There is no possibility to fill the office with fresh flowers, and you want to congratulate colleagues in an original and beautiful way? Prepare an unusual wall newspaper on the most spring theme: “Our girls and flowers.”

Thus, you will do without any financial costs at all (except for printing photos on a color printer, which is most likely in the office). You can find the necessary photos of colleagues on the pages of their social networks: for sure, each young lady has at least one frame with a bouquet from a loved one or against the background of a flowering southern tree from a vacation.

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