Delay of Menstruation

Systematic menstruation indicates the state of the woman’s health, the proper operation of all organs and systems. In the absence of blood discharge at the appointed time, you can talk about pregnancy or pathological abnormalities in the body.

Any deviations, failures in the regular cycle can be dangerous and lead to serious consequences. Therefore, in the absence of menstruation for a long time, you should find out the causes of this phenomenon and begin the appropriate treatment.

Of course, along with this symptom, there are other signs. The hormone of pregnancy (progesterone) begins to be produced in the body of a woman. The main purpose of this hormone is to monitor the proper development of the fetus, its nutrition.

An increase in its quantity can affect the gastrointestinal tract and manifest itself in the form of constipation, diarrhea, nausea. Irritability, nervousness are the source of the origin of changes in the nervous system.

The establishment of the fact of possible pregnancy is carried out with the help of tests. At the end of seven days after conception, the hCG hormone actively concentrates in the urine, which is detected by means of test strips, the longer the period, the more the hormone is produced.

They are acute and chronic. A special place and prevalence are occupied by infectious diseases (vaginitis, candidiasis and others). Often they are acquired by sex. The lack of their treatment and provokes the absence of monthly discharges.

Also, the reason for this problem is polycystic ovary, which is manifested by the presence of cysts in the ovaries. The appearance of such a disease contributes to the male hormone testosterone. This ailment adversely affects the possibility of conception. Women with polycysticosis are overweight, hairiness and fatiness of the skin.

It is important to know! Dysfunction of the thyroid gland affects the menstrual cycle. The main role of the gland is the production of hormones. Their lack leads to monthly malfunctions, and why there is a delay.

For some reason, when there is a delay in menstruation, they do not always think about the possible consequences. After all, this is the signal by which the body asks for help.

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