Creams for Dry Face and Sensitive Skin

Cream for problem skin dry face should be a special purpose. Dry skin has a balance of self-regulation. Damaged epidermal cells cannot produce the right amount of moisturizing compound for the hydration of the skin. All creams for dry and problem skin have a narrow focus. They intensely saturate the skin with moisture and restore the hyaluronic base.

Creating a protective film, prevent excessive irritation and microcracks on the inflamed skin of the face. Unlike universal face creams, they contain medical components that, for a long period of application, cause the skin to return to normal.

Dry skin for experiments with the application of various advertised general-purpose creams, will necessarily respond with new areas of peeling on the face (itching and redness are possible). If the dermatologist does not prescribe medicines and the skin suffers (from dry air in the room, weather conditions or a decrease in immunity), specialized creams should be purchased.

Physiogel cream for dry and sensitive skin

Produced by the pharmaceutical company Stiefel Laboratories, Ireland. The company has successfully established itself as lines of cosmetics for the care of newborns. The physiogel is a new development based on the system of dermo-membrane structures.

Johnson’s Baby, baby moisturizer

In pharmacies a lot of means for caring for babies. By their composition, they are perfect for sensitive dry skin, prone to irritation, since their task is to remove inflammation, heal microcracks and actively moisten dry damaged areas.

Aishida for dry skin Cream

Used for quick recovery and active protection of dry facial skin. Removes inflammation, moisturizes and nourishes. Contains antiseptic, due to which it has therapeutic effect. The content of olive oil removes the feeling of tightness of the skin.

Cream for a dry face must necessarily contain moisturizing ingredients. This is the first thing that you pay attention to when choosing it. Not only hyaluronic acid and thermal water can saturate the skin with life-giving moisture, while restoring its hydrobalance.

Different oil complexes create a protective barrier, and this prevents dehydration of the skin, allowing it to breathe. Moisturizing creams, due to their delicate texture, not only carry moisture to the skin, but also deliver useful substances and vitamins to its epidermis.

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