Cosmetics Buying Tips

Cosmetics Buying Tips: It is important to look good with your makeup but knowing some good basic shopping rules might give you extra help. These tips will give you a little savings for your pocketbook as well as let you look smart and beautiful.

  • 1. Get techniques from your favorite store, cosmetics sales ladies are trained to have an entire arsenal of makeup tricks, so have your looks done and remember how it was done.
  • 2. Write the colors and the brands that the sales lady used, so if you have extra cash, you may shop right away.
  • 3. Get samples and try them out, especially foundations, concealers and lipsticks.
  • 4. Always ask for sample sizes before deciding to buy the actual one.
  • 5. There are so many cosmetics available in the store so be sure to choose the right ones for your skin type.
  • 6. Purchase some hypoallergenic cosmetics.
  • 7. Have samples tested on your skin at least 24 hours before application to know if it fits well with your skin type.
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