Cosmetic Oils for The Face

Cosmetic oils are successfully used in various procedures for rejuvenating the skin of the face and body, are present in the recipes of many masks, scrubs, and peels, foot baths. Knowing the properties of popular cosmetic oils, you can easily use them to preserve youth and beauty at home.

Table, which describes the benefits and features of each oil, will help every woman look fresh and well-groomed, with perfect skin and body.

To your attention, the composition, properties, recipes for the application of natural, essential and professional cosmetic oils from leading modern cosmetologists.

Each oil has its own individual components in the composition, and therefore specific properties, to some extent affecting the health of the skin.

It is recommended to use natural oils to nourish and moisturize the skin from 20-25 years. Using natural oils allows you to normalize the water balance, to retain the necessary moisture, which already affects the even color. Such oils are famous for the absence of impurities. The maximum naturalness is preserved, the product most often has a high concentration. Applying such oils, you should first check the body for a possible allergic reaction.

Essential oils have more than 2,000 different options. They combine a lot of positive qualities: they are able to fight wrinkles, relieve acne on the face, thanks to the aroma cope with pain, treat the common cold.

Professional cosmetic oils are produced in the same way as the essential oils. The oil itself from the professional cosmetic brand is the primary product of pressing, and cosmetic oil is a liquid with the addition of useful ingredients to improve their properties. Use one oil is allowed 3 weeks in a row, after which the skin gets used and is saturated with useful substances. Then the oil needs to be replaced.

Many specialists in folk medicine believe that natural and essential oils are not inferior to the most modern expensive cosmetic oils from well-known manufacturers.

Tropical essential oils are not the last place in cosmetology. They are rich in rare nutritious elements, so they are in demand. It is used both to eliminate flabbiness of the skin and to maintain normal skin tone.

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