Crystal and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be sharing a woman’s gift guide with you so if you are looking for any gift ideas for any special women in your life just keep on watching the things I have to share with you today are kind of a mixture of things that maybe I have owned and truly enjoyed and really think that they are great gifts other items are things that are maybe on my wishlist I am hoping to get so just a nice range of items at also a very wide price ranges while I have some more dollar Island items some higher dollar item so just a nice list to share with you today I actually had to narrow it down

because I kept coming up with more and more things video is sponsored by shoptagr I’d worked with them last month and you all seem to really enjoy that so I’m really excited to partner with them again today or is a website that basically tracks all of the items on your list that you are watching and they will let you know if there’s a price drop which is awesome or if the item comes back into stock once you download the shop taker app to your phone it’s this one right here at will pull up all of your list that you have created so it’s really easy to view what you have now if you were to be shopping online and you wanted to add something to your list you simply just pull it up so

I’m on Amazon right now click on that pull it open share at the shop tagger gun shop on your computer through shops Hagar they have on their website that get the button link at the top of the screen it will basically take you through the steps that you need to download the shop tagger extension it’ll give you a little button on the top of your web browser up there it’s just that little black s icon so that way when you’re shopping on different websites you see something you have your eye on you just go ahead and click the little s at Alaska youth some items in the drop down boxes which lists do you want to add it to and then you can go ahead and save it to your Shop Steger so you can keep an eye on it so if you go and check the link in the description box I’m going to link to the women’s I guess I’m going to call her if you need some additional gift ideas for the women in your life so I personally like shoptagr because a lot of the websites I like to shop at Spirit running big sales every day where I can just enter in a coupon code and save a bunch of money like Amazon and Nordstrom are the two websites

I really like to shop for Christmas gifts and they don’t do those frequently do the prices but you have to actually go in and check them every single day so with shock take her I could just pull up their website and look through and see if they’re in stock I can also get notifications if I want though so that’s why I personally do enjoy shoptagr so I’m going to definitely have the link below if you want to download the app you can do it to your phone as well as to your desktop either way it works out great so thank you so much. Take a right now let’s jump into my gift guide so I kind of tried to group things in different categories

I was jotting notes down but the first gift on my list is for someone who is so hard to buy for and I would say to get them a blanket blanket I feel like you could never have a few favorites in mind I have picked up to recently that are just amazing they are so soft I have this one right here my snowflake one that I got off of Amazon it is so soft it comes in So Many Colors so you definitely don’t have to get like the Christmas pattern you could get any pattern comes in different sizes but look at the back of it house off like don’t you just want to cuddle up on the red so I feel like this is just a great gift that anyone would truly love gift is a Google mini we have a Google mini in our kitchen my husband actually got it for Christmas last year and it is so wonderful we play music on it that’s basically the main thing we do is we will say Google play Pandora Christmas music and it will just start blasting Christmas music throughout our main floor and we love it so much money my son Madden who is for he’s obsessed with the Google mini it’s also on his Christmas Les but he loves to talk and ask what the weather is going to be today he also asked how many days until

Christmas or how many days until his birthday constantly and they are super affordable right now I think you can find them at Walmart for really good price this time of year so if you are considering one I would say definitely grab one now they are on sale let’s talk some clothing pieces I guess is what you would call them I wanted to share this North Face jacket now this jacket is amazing I think it would make a perfect gift for someone who lives in the midwest or anyone who has winter months cold winter months this jacket is truly awesome now it’s from Nordstrom I got it in the black but it does come in other colors I just think black was just a nice classic color but look how thin it is like it’s not one of those puffy a big parka jackets it is a nice and thin like warm jacket it’s reversible so it has like this really soft interior except on the sleeves because my other jacket had that in the sleeves and is always putting a jacket on like my sleeves are always get all bunched up and then you have to stand there and adjust this jacket does not do that it is it is awesome I love this jacket it’s nice and long so you can wear leggings with it it is perfect I love this so much so I would highly recommend this if someone does he need a winter jacket to let check out

this North Face jacket if it’s a great deal for sure it’s super saiyan and I love that so I’m not like a walking marshmallow the next item to share is Addy’s Sorel boots I have gotten so many questions and just comments on my Instagram about these boots so I wanted to give a shout out to these boots I invested in some new boots with some of my birthday money this year and these are truly amazing I actually sold my old Sorel boots for these because these are so much more like functional my other boots were so clunky it was so hard to walk around and these are like the perfect cross between a winter boot and UGGs how cute are those they’re like that really pretty chestnut color they’re waterproof they have like the fuzzy interior but you can still look super cute so I think that these are perfect for really anybody like they do not look like winter boots they just look like cute boots awesome and I’m pretty sure anyone would love to get a pair of these these I cannot say enough about I love those boots so much Barefoot dreams cardigan are amazing

I think anyone’s love to get one of those for Christmas they are truly so soft they have all kinds of different options longer ones who did once Circle card against but they have pockets and you guys know I have a lot of I can truly say they are amazing and they make great Christmas gift I also think robe and slippers so I actually have a new robe on my Christmas list this year a nice long warm one with pockets it’s just amazing I have my eye on one at Nordstrom right now that’s also on my shoptagr I’m just hoping that price will go down just a little bit but a robe and a pair of slippers is a great gift these slippers I get tons of questions on as well they are the Ugg slippers of those are always great gifts

I love getting of anything for Christmas but Target also has a really cheap affordable brand of slippers almost just like this that would also be amazing so slippers in a row if you could not come over would be a planner and we are at that time of the year where it’s time to start thinking about new plan for the 19 I have a mini happy Planner on my list happy planners you can find a lot of places allowed like the craft stores like Hobby Lobby Michaels I can also found them on Amazon I love my little happy planner it’s super affordable there so many fun stickers and different like add-ons you can buy with it really fun gift really affordable and that would make an amazing gift magazine subscriptions okay so let’s talk magazine when I go to the store and look at the prices on magazines and boys like are you serious $12 for a magazine

like what in the world and you never want to spend the money when you are at the store but it would be so nice to have the subscription just come to your door every month and then you don’t have to worry about spending that extra money I actually have on my Christmas list are the Magnolia Home magazine I think it comes out four times a year and it’s like $30 so you save a little bit of money by going the subscription route and just a nice gift to get something you don’t want to spend the money on that you would love to have let’s talk jewelry and we’re going to talk about this cross necklace right here this is also something I get a lot of questions on I love this it is silver cross necklace that has like the like the sideways cross there it is a beautiful necklace

I was gifted this many years ago for my husband through local jeweler Sons Fortune I don’t have a link to share with you but he did scout out a few others on lying on the Nordstrom website that are very affordable look just like this and would be an amazing gift any women I think everyone hopes they get jewelry for succeeds right Pottery Barn has these really beautiful Jewelry close on their website they are gorgeous I love them so much I have the bracelet one so basically what it is it’s just a really pretty way to display your jewelry I have mine on my dress I have one for the bracelets right now but I have the necklace one on my wish list this year I believe you can pick between silver or gold but just a really nice way to display your jewelry diffusers also make really good gifts you can get them a lot of places Amazon has just crazy amount of diffusers on their website by the Serene home brand of leaves what you call it but it looks really beautiful and I really want it for our bedroom but it’s just so nice to have a few diffusers in your home we have one little one right now I would love to get a larger one but they just make really great gifts for diffusing essential oils in your home I feel like I use mine more in the winter time so I think that it would make a fabulous death now they’re great gift idea I think would be a gel nail kit I actually have my eye on one on Amazon right now but

you basically get the light and you get all of like the things that you need to do that your gel nails at home I feel like this a great gift for a busy mom who made me doesn’t have time to get to the salon by talking about myself just don’t have the time to do it and you want them to last a long time there’s so many different sets out there I have my eye on one so I will definitely make sure to link that one below I wanted to give a shout out to our nativity set that we have on our piano over here it is the willow tree nativity set now we’ve sold even gifted pieces of it over many years I would say it has been a great gift to get it’s not something that I could have afforded to go out and buy it all at one time so it’s a spend one of my favorite gifts that I have gotten for Christmas I know Amazon sells a lot of them individually which is how we got them so I will make sure to link some of my favorite ones down below so you could check those out but that is truly a great gift for even like

I think we started getting it right after we got married just a great gift something you will treasure for many many years and obviously hold very special meaning the final item is going to be a robot vacuum shark Robot vacuum that we absolutely loved it actually comes with a handheld attachment and then it also comes with the robot it have we’ll just is so nice to be able to turn that robot let it go clean your house while you can be doing other things it is truly so convenient mice would be super excited about it now there are so many different like options on Amazon for Robot vacuum I’m going to go ahead and Link ours as well as one other one because I think that they are both very good options just depending on what your price ranges I love robot vacuums so does to it so it’s kind of a win-win but seriously it’s a great gift for the whole family it works so well very quiet as well so you can still be in the room while it’s running I just cannot see enough we love our shark

Robot vacuum video before I believe it or not but I hope you got some new ideas maybe things that you can buy someone or maybe things to add to your Christmas wish list as well now if you would like to see one for men or please let me know Below in the comments also there’s some amazing gifts that I need to know about 4 women I want to know about her watching to make sure you check out those links below especially that shop to your links to get that downloaded and I will see you in my next

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