Botox for Eyelashes

What is Botox for eyelashes, what is the difference between Botox and lamination, is not known to every person. For the concept of nuances and features, it is necessary to consider in more detail the procedure, the results of application, reviews about the method, its advantages and disadvantages. The procedure, called botox eyelashes, is designed to take care of the hair of the eyelashes, giving them elasticity and a lively shine.

Botox for eyelashes is popular, which is not surprising. After all, this cosmetic method has many advantages. To achieve an expressive look, women use a lot of money. These are false eyelashes, perm, mascara. All these procedures do not bring health to the hairs of the eyelashes. In contrast, the use of Botox revitalizes the ciliary hairs and has many advantages.

Indication for the application of the cosmetic process is the desire to improve your appearance and strengthen the hairs on the eyelashes, to give greater expressiveness to your eyes.

When laminated, the thickening effect is created by using a keratin film. But nutrition and restoration of eyelashes is not carried out. Keratin is a protein, with a lack of which appears fragility and dry hair. After lamination, the hairs become elastic and shiny. But this is only an external effect.

To fix keratin on the hair, heat treatment is required. It can not be done on eyelashes. Therefore, within 2-3 weeks keratin is washed off. After treatment with serum botox, the effect lasts longer. Serum, used in this case, nourishes and restores the hair. This is the main difference in lamination and Botox.

Lamination lasts 40 minutes, and the effect on the hair, with the application of whey botox – 2 hours. At a cost, these cosmetic procedures are also different. Cost Botox 2000-3000 rubles, lamination is cheaper. According to women, eyelashes after lamination look more impressive. The choice of procedure depends on the goal that is pursued: just getting beautiful eyelashes or, in addition, restoring and nourishing them.

According to some cosmeticians, the use of lamination together with Botox is possible. The use of Botox serum after lamination enhances its effect and additionally produces eyelash nutrition.

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