Big canvas art in the interior

A large painting is the most common option for interior decoration. At first glance, it is beautiful in itself, buy and enjoy. But in fact, it turns out that to hang it on the first place is fundamentally wrong. First, you need to understand the principles of selecting a suitable style of fabric, consider several options for placement, and determine the purpose of this element of decor.

Harmony in everything: The placement of large paintings

Harmony in everything: The placement of large paintings

The craze for functionality and constructivism led to the development of concise designs. At the same time, almost every interior is still complemented by paintings. Like any object, they reflect the character of the owner, his preferences and sense of taste. But do not forget that everything must have a measure. And excessive asceticism leaves an aftertaste of understatement, and excessive fascination with decor creates a sense of clumsiness and irrelevance

Choosing a place for the future masterpiece, it is necessary to rely on the regularity; in a large room, there should be a large picture. Regardless of the image, it occupies a central place in the interior. In the case of zoning, the canvas is placed on the border of the available area.

Stylistic features: Perfect interior with big pictures

The big picture is able to give the interior a unique atmosphere and flavor. And it does not matter what it will be: abstract, graffiti or canvas in the style of Andy Warhol. A large picture can save you from searching for additional accessories because it can easily become the centerpiece of your interior. Those who want to open the doors of their home to meet the beautiful, nothing prevents competently choose a painting for the design of the selected room.

Set a topic

If the interior has everything but lacks only meaning-come to the aid of large thematic paintings. The plot canvas will save you from understatement in the situation, will help to sustain the chosen style in the right way. A theme picture is a great idea for the dining room and living room because you and the invited guests will have another topic to discuss.

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