Anestol Pomad Cream

Anestol Pomade cream is a very effective local anesthetic cream. In general, problems that cause pain cause the pain to be temporarily felt. Contrary to what you know, it is not a cream with healing effect.

It is often preferred in recent times by the effects of anesthetic pomat cream which prevents painful pain by preventing numbness of the nerves in the cell membrane by temporarily preventing numb transmission.

What is anesthetic pomat, what is anestol pomad good, how to use anestol cream, how to use anestol pomad in sexual intercourse while trying to give detailed information about anesthetic side effects, how to use before anestol pomad in wax and I will explain many questions in detail in our article.

What is Anestol Pomad?

Anesthetic pomade cream is a cream included in the local anesthetic group. Anesthetist pomad, which provides regional numbness, is in white creamy consistency. It is sold with a prescription in 30 gram aluminum tubes. Anesthetic Pomade Agent Each tube contains 5% lidocaine. Methylparaben, propylparaben, polyethylene glycol 1500, polyethylene glycol 6000, propylene glycol are available as adjuvant. Anestol is a cream that is sold with a recipe of pomade which shows its effect for a long time.

What is Anestol Pomad?

Anesthetis is a drug known for its benefits and uses. The most preferred cream, anesthet, should not be used with absolutely filling information. Although anesthetics are frequently used as anesthetic lubrians (slipper) during surface intubation of the anesthetic pomade skin and mucous membranes, as well as various causes of itching, nipple, anus, lip cracks and pain in the tracheal intubation tube (endotracheal intubation) I will give you information and I will tell you in detail how it will be driven into the used zone.

Anestol Pomad Cream UseAnestol Pomad Where To Use

Anestol pomade is used pre-wax
Anesthetic pomade laser is used to reduce pain after epilation
Anestol cream can be used as the first night slider
Anesthetized pomade is used to reduce the associated pain
Anestol pomad to not suffer when tattooing
Anesthetic pomade mustache and how many areas to reduce pain after waxing
Anesthet is used as a pomade retardant on men’s side. It is preferred because it has no effect.
Anesthetized pomade needle epilation treatment
Anestol pomade in nipple fissures
Anesthetic pomade is good
Anesthetic pomade anal fissure pain
Anesthetic drug cream wounds reduce the pain of skin damage
Anestol cream to relieve the pain of sunburns
Anesthetic drug cream is usually preferred to reduce pain, but recently it has temporarily relieved the pain of anesthesia by the anesthesiologist, before ladies do it on the net. The women who are afraid of the first night are afraid of suffering, so anestol pomad can drive their fear by driving before sexual intercourse. Anestol Pomade First night you can easily use anestol pomad in the first relationship. In addition, the number of people who use anesthetics is increasing day by day. It is known to be a retarding effect because it affects the feeling of ignorance. After a small amount of pelvis is applied, numbness is achieved and delaying effect occurs.

How to Anesthetize Pomad
Anestol drug creams leave question marks in people who will use the cream for the first time and who will apply to the sexual area. If anesthetized pomade is needed, it is given 2 times a day for 3 times a day. The dose to be used at one time should never exceed 5 grams. The maximum daily dose is between 17 and 20 grams, which can cause severe side effects. Large surfaces should not be applied unless necessary. If the anesthetized pomade is applied;

The area where the anesthetic cream is applied is thoroughly cleaned.
The appropriate amount of anesthetized pomade is applied and thoroughly fed.
How to use anestol drug cream in sensitive areas, anestol Pomat vagina how to use in general, without knowing the question you need to know how long the anestol pomad is a question. Anesthetized pomade shows its effect within 5 to 10 minutes from the moment it is applied. Anesthetically, the duration of the pomade can last for up to 3 hours on average.

How to use anesthetized pomade in sexual intercourse

If sexual intercourse is causing serious pain, you can use anesthetic drug cream to beat the fear of the first night. In the case of anesthetized pomade vagina application, it is enough to go to the external surface and enter the small amount 15 minutes before the small amount of anesthetic.

How to use anestol in the pomade vagina

The anesthetized pomade should be applied to the area around the vagina and the entrance area. Certainly not more than 5 grams of the size of the chickens should be driven. Excessive driving towards the inner part may cause burning, which is not recommended.

How to use anesthetic pomade hemorrhoids

The anesthetized pomade provides pain relief by rubbing it out of the region to relieve hemorrhoid pain. It is absolutely necessary to apply external clamping. Temporarily provides the pain relief.

How to apply anestol pomad makata

Particularly anal fissure, ie, bruise crack is seriously discomforting as if it is tiny tears in the breech area of ​​the anatomical area where the wire is pulled out like a glass sink. What can a person sit and why he can do the job. It is possible to temporarily stop your aches thanks to Anestol Pomade. In order to get rid of pain and suffering from burning your life seriously, anestol pomad makata is applied to the surface of the genital area in a very small amount and provides partial relaxation by providing temporary numbness. In a small amount, the anesthetic pomade is applied to the outer surface and fed. A condition that should not be forgotten while the anesthetic pomade is temporary cure is the therapeutic feature.

How to use anesthetics as a pomade retarder

Anesthetics have an effect of numbing and numbing the area where the pomade is applied. In fact, anesthetol is not one of the uses of POMAD but is often used as a retarder because it creates numbness. If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, be sure to be advised that you may experience anesthesia due to the local anesthetic effect of anesthetic pomade and in some cases not enjoying it. Most places have been given burn information about the anesthetizing effect.

How to use anestol pomad pre-wax

If you are going to be on a sensitive area in a special area, you can apply anestol pomade cream and after waiting for about half an hour, you can do it on the net. It is a very effective and useful method. Especially in the face, the eyebrows reduce the pain in the shoulders. Apply a thin layer to the outer surface of the special area and wait for half an hour before you can do it in the net. Do not use this method if you have an obvious open wound. In addition, before the laser epilation anesthetic pomade laser epilation pain and pain caused by the temporary elimination.

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Anestol pomade cream

Anesthetic Pomade Side Effects
Each cream is a cream with pomegranate side effects such as anesthetic and medication. Side effects are usually seen in allergies to the active ingredients in the ingredients and when overdose, ie overdose. When too much anesthetic cream is applied, the resultant side effect is caused by the increase in the amount of absorbed into the blood. Anesthetics are side effects of drug creams;

Hypersensitivity due to prolonged use
Itching, redness, irritation and rash on skin surface
Defect of vision
Shaking and seizure
If any of these side effects are woven, you should stop using crisp cream.

Use of Anestol Pomade in pregnancy

Anestol is a cream that is absorbed by the pomade skin and is involved in the blood, so you should not use it without your doctor.

Can I use anesthetically breastfeeding mothers

Anestol cream is known to pass on to mothers. Use during breastfeeding is not recommended.

Anesthesia is started in the smallest dose when administered in children. Anesthetic pomade is open wound and never applied to the side. While the anesthetized face is being applied, it should never be applied to the eyelid, the lips and the inner parts of the nose.

Ansetol Pomad Users
I tried to compile the comments of those who use anestol pomad. I usually make comments from forum, dictionary, and social media. I use anestol cream to compile the results to give you an idea.

In the summer months I have had a lot of sunburns on sunburns until I met with the anesthetic cream.
It is absolutely necessary to be found in every house, because it is not clear when the boiling oil will burn your life.
Our marriage was officially back to nightmare, and we were told that we could not try anesthetic ointment, and the six-month wait was over.
Last month I fell off the bike and rubbed my nerves as I rubbed a lot of burned thin layer as if the pain had never been easier.
I do not understand how a cream would be so effective and so cheap.
I do not have any pain anymore.
I was writhing to wrestle with anal fissure pain only to the knowing hoople. Unbearable pain passed as a temporary
Gentlemen I did not feel like I used to penisime rhymes tonight at night.
All questions about Anestol Pomad
Is anestol pomad sold without a prescription

Certainly you should never use it without prescription and without doctor’s advice.

Duration of anesthetic pomade

Anestol Pomad in the waxThe mean duration of anesthetic pomade is 3 to 4 hours. Never expose to the overdose to prolong the duration of the effect, in which case side effects may be more visible.

Does anestol pomade mother go to bed

Breastfeeding mothers are known to use maternal substances when they use this cream.

Anestol genital region

Although it is not applied to the bikini region, it should never be put into the vagina.

Anesthetic pomade pregnancy category

Pregnancy category B is. Pregnancy and pregnancy should be used with caution.

Anesthetize the face

This cream applied on the face is definitely the only problem to be waxed in the wax area. Never drive under the eyes that are thin.

Anesthetic wound is spread on the side

The wound is cleaned according to the rules of hygiene and then applied in thin layer.

When does the anesthetic effect show

After the cream is applied, the effect is effective within 30 minutes.

Anesthetic cream prospectus
Unfortunately, we do not have the habit of reading the anesthetic prospectus information. It is possible to find the most accurate and up-to-date information about the cream by reading the prescription paper. You should never use this cream before you read the prescription sheet. Anestol pomad 5 It is possible to find information about lidocaine on prescription paper.

Refund Code A00762
Asking Price 9.75 TL [14 Jul 2017]
Previous Sale Price 9.75 TL [7 Jul 2017]
Original / Generic Generic Drug
Prescription Status Normal It is a prescription medicine.
Barcode 8699516379018
Active Ingredient Lidocaine Hcl
ATC Code D04AB01
Unit Quantity 5
Unit Type%
Packing Amount 30 grams
Anestol Pomad Price
Anestol Pomad is a prescription cream and is provided by SGK. If you use this cream, you should definitely tell your doctor to prescribe it. Even your family doctor can write you this cream easily. Never use an unconscious drug or cream on your head. The price of anesthetized pomade, how much anesthetic is

ANESTOL% 5 30.GR pomad Price
Active Ingredient Lidocaine Hcl 9.75 TL
Refund Code A00762 9.03 TL
Anestol Pomad Equivalent
Although anesthetic pomade is found, anesthetic cream is frequently used. Emla is one of the best drug creams known in the cream market. You can read our article called Emla Cream to get information about the cream.

I tried to give you information about anesthetic cream in this article. Although the information is collected from reliable sources and the prospectus paper, its reliability is not certain. You should definitely try not to use cream without doctor advice. Remember, even the most innocuous drug, aspirin, causes stomach bleeding.

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