24. Weeks Of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 22. Week

Contents1 Baby’s Movements at 24. Week/ Developing2 The Baby’s Movements at 24. Week3 Changes on Mother at 24. Week4 Vaginal Stream: Attention to the Colour!5 Breast Milk At 24. Week of Pregnancy6 Your breast are ready for producing milk. It is so early but you can realise some drops on your breasts. It is normal. It has a huge anticors. 7 Urinary İncontinence: Is it Pee or Amniotic Fluid?8 Feeding At 24. Week of Pregnancy9 Opening For Childbirth10 Insomnia At 24. Week of Pregnancy11 Signs of Early Birth at 24. Week of Pregnancy You are living a miracle from 24 … Continue reading 24. Weeks Of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 22. Week