23. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 21. Week

Contents1 23. Week of Pregnancy2 Pregnancy and Developing At 23. Week: Its Lungs are Developing, Its Face are Evident3 Baby’s Movement At 23. Week4 Changes On Mother At 23. Week The Womb İs Expanding5 How Many Kilos I Must Gain?6 Staining at 23. Week Pregnancy at 2. or 3. Trimester7 How to Stop My Nose Bleeding?8 I Have High Blood Pressure, Why?9 Nutrition At 23. Weeks of Pregnancy, Pay Attention To Sodium10 Early Birth Risk: There is a Test Dear baby, I am talking to you, I am on my 23. wwek and you are 21. Week of your pregnancy. … Continue reading 23. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 21. Week