20. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 18. Week

Contents1 The Baby Status2 Do You Wonder İts Gender?3 How About The Nails, Hairs and Skin?4 What is Happening to My Womb?5 What’s Happening at Heart and Circulatory System?6 İs My Belly Muscles Flexible?7 Nutrition At 20. Week8 Sex At 20. Week of Pregnancy We know that you wonder of everything about 20th week pregnancy. Let’s start to read. You are in your 5. month. This is the 2. month of 2. trimester. İt is the golden period of pregnancy. The Baby Status The baby is head to butt nearly 14-16 cm and the baby’s weight is 260 gram. Do … Continue reading 20. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 18. Week