20 interesting initiatives for women entrepreneurs

The number of women entrepreneurs increased compared to the past, but the figure is still very low. However, they are one of the most important triggers of development and development. We have compiled the bright future for women to do easily.

The most important social event marking the second week of March is ‘World Women’s Day’, which is celebrated every year on March 8. Organised by the United Nations, the present day can be summed up to draw attention to women’s freedom and gender equality. The event, which is also celebrated in most countries as ‘World working women’s day’, includes not only wage-earners, but also non-wage-earners and entrepreneurial women who contribute to the business world.

The number of women entrepreneurs in Turkey is one of the important indicators of women’s equality today. According to the latest analysis, there are around 140 thousand women entrepreneurs in Turkey. This figure corresponds to only 8 percent of the opposite sex entrepreneurs. This is a figure below the average of developed and developing countries. Still, there’s a significant increase. This figure was around 4 percent 20 years ago.


It is true that social and economic pressures on women are fuelling both employment and the desire for initiative. The increase in employment for the last 20 years has also affected women’s entrepreneurship. As women’s employment increases in Turkey, the number of women entrepreneurs increases. However, when it is said “entrepreneurial woman”, it is necessary not to consider those who carry out their studies in this category. Doctor, your pharmacist, nurse, teacher, engineer, police, etc. as…

When we look at the projection of the interconnected realities in the world, the table is very different: women’s work in developed societies, and their involvement in an interventional action is one of the indispensable rights. Every woman who takes risks and produces services or goods directly to the market is a respected entrepreneur in the west.

Women have a wide range in the world of enterprise. And most of them do unique jobs that men entrepreneurs can’t think of.

From a small commercial to a medium-sized industrial enterprise, including women working at home, it is no longer conceivable to see women entrepreneurs everywhere. The primary expectation is the proliferation of non-governmental organizations that encourage women to engage in private entrepreneurship, encourage them to have democratic rights and protect women… this is the most important criterion. The more non-governmental organizations there are, the more opportunities women have for entrepreneurship. In addition, banks, venture funds and governments support women entrepreneurs is an indispensable standard for democratic countries.


We have targeted entrepreneurs who want to open a small business and make a modest start, rather than women entrepreneurs who pursue big dreams. We thought to offer some simple but future work for our women who want to be part of economic life without fear. Our goal is not to reveal the characteristics of the business and the dynamics of the market, but rather to inspire the entrepreneur candidates from the projects we propose.

It can change your destiny to make this work that women entrepreneurs of all ages can do and to present it to banks and investors; it can make you a leader in your own field, even if it doesn’t make you stars like you do in America. In this series, we have not given much room to technical attempts on internet technique. We can deal with this in the future. We wish that every attempt made by all women candidates will be a success story, and we wish that the work they will be making will be an example to all women. here are 20 modest but bright future business proposals that women can make…

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