19. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 17. Week

Contents1 The Development at 19. Week of Pregnancy1.1 Vernics: Its Body is Under Control!2 My Baby Drinks Its Pee! Oh My God!3 She/He Understand the Music4 Can I Feel İt?5 Changes On Mother at 19. Week6 Complaints About Pregnancy at 19. Week7 Nutrition at 19. Week Pregnancy: 5-6 Meal is İmportant8 The Things to Pay Attention9 Sleeping positions At Pregnancy10 Travel at 19. Week of Pregnancy Dear mother, while you are in your 19. Week, your baby is living its 17. Week. You are living a miracle period. We want to give some information about 19. Week of pregnancy. The … Continue reading 19. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 17. Week