10 Best Places in Egypt to Buy Your Kids the Cutest School Bags From

It’s back to school Time!

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During this time parents are looking for school supplies stores and they’re especially looking for where to buy school bags for kids. Kids often need a new bag every year or every other year, to fit their age, needs and because they get worn out over time. We know you’re looking for options to fit your kid’s taste and to also fit your budget and requirements. So this list might make your back to school days a whole lot easier.

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Here are 10 place to get school backpack bags in Egypt:

Hedeya Stores

Hedeya have a big and really cute collection of unique backpacks that are very bright and colorful. They offer a nice wide range and among them a set where you get the backpack and it’s matching water bottle and lunch box.

Our Kids

The main topic when you looking for kid’s bag it’s find comfortobole; good price and atractive one. You can find at our kids a good range of backpacks for the specific age you’re looking for, from kindergarten to high school. There a lot of different designs to suit every kids’ taste, from cartoons to sports.

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This is one of the greatest stores for children supplies in the Middle East. You can find really good quality backpacks with cute designs for your kids. With school around the corner Mothercare make special offers and discounts so you can buy everything your kids need for school. You can follow them Facebook to keep track of everything. And it’ easy too get this bags by internet delivery.

Funky Fish

A lot of bags from this store of the bags at Funky Fish actual teenage girls and their taste. They have simple and cute designs, as well as, bohemian style backpacks. You can also find on their website really cool pencil cases.

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Samir & Aly

Samir & Aly are known to have a big collection of school supples, among them school backpacks. They have a lot of different options from simpler basic bags to more ornate ones. As for the prices they have a diverse range to fit anyone’s budget.

Her Zone

If your daughter wants a really simple backpack with delicate designs, check out her zone. It is one of the best places for good quality bags and affordable prices. You can take look at their bags on their Instagram account. Internet shopping save your time.

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Samsonite Egypt is a great option to go for if you’re lookinng for something modern prints and durable that won’t tear or be worn out easily. They also have designs for different tastes.



If you’re looking for cool brand logos and graphics, Adidas are awesome for that. They have a lot of different designs that can fit a lot of tastes.

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Nike is also a great option for teenagers. Sometimes it’s hard to look for a backpack that is simple and modern, Nike have really chic, modern and active designs. You can check them out on their website.

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